A Conversation with a
Seventh-day Adventist

The following is a conversation I had with SDA, an ardent follower, supporter, and defender of Seventh-day Adventist Church practices and doctrines. It is hoped that you, the reader, will see that in spite of the claims of SDA and other Seventh-day Adventists to the contrary, this church and its prophetess Ellen G. White teach a different gospel from the one taught in the Bible. As a result, one who joins this religion does so at his peril. This conversation takes the form of 8 e-mail posts from June 21, 1997 to June 28, 1997.

Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 15:34:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rolaant McKenzie
Subject: Re: Your web site

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, SDA wrote:

> Rolaant,
> > I read with interest your site on Ellen White. I have studied her
> > writings at length and agree that while she has many good words in some
> > of her books, I have a hard time accepting her as a prophet because she
> > supported doctrines that ran counter to Biblical teaching, especially in
> > regards to the gospel.
> I was not aware that she ever supported doctrines that ran contrary to
> Biblical teaching. I am aware of a few critics who have taken some
> statements of hers out of context in an attempt to make it look as if
> she was saying something contradictory to the gospel. Perhaps her most
> famous book on the gospel is available online at:
> http://www.egwestate.andrews.edu/sc/sc.html

Hi SDA! Steps to Christ is a good book, but what do you do with the
other passages she has written that counter the gospel?

She endorsed such doctrines like the shut door and investigative
judgment, which does contradict the gospel. And since she claimed
the truths of these doctrines were revealed to her in vision, I would
have to say that she is a prophet in the same sense as Joseph
Smith or Mary Baker Eddy.

There is more info at my site on SDA Church teachings and the teachings of
EGW at:


I would be interested in your comments on the Shut Door and IJ [Investigative Judgment].

Rolaant McKenzie

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