The Homosexual Lifestyle vs.
Biblical Christianity
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 00:52:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Rolaant McKenzie
To: Monique
Subject: Re: Homosexual Marriage

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999 Monique wrote:

> I promise this is my last letter. I see no point in continuing to discuss
> this matter because we hold opposing views on a subject that is indeed
> controversial. I do admit that I believe the Bible to be fallible. Luckily for
> me, I was raised to believe that. I was taught that throughout my years of
> Christian schooling and coincidentally I did not say that the Bible was wrong
> when it related to homosexuality. I do believe however that the version of the
> Bible we use today is a very biased and poor translation of the original [
> dont even try to argue that one, any historian would agree.. the problem lies
> not only in the bias of the translator but in the difficulty of  finding a
> translation for a word that truly may not have an exact translation]. 


So then, you cannot use the Bible to support your lifestyle if you don't
even believe in the Bible. Of course, in order to justify a particular
lifestyle that the Bible condemns, it is far easier for the person to
reject the Bible, since the word of God convicts the conscience.

However way you look at it, the Church from its beginning 2,000 years ago
never condoned or approved the gay lifestyle. On the contrary, it has
always condemned it as contrary to the Word of God.

> As for your being offended at being called a "right-wing fundamentalist
> fanatical bigot," I did not call you that, nor did I send you to a website
> that did. I am sorry if you have been called this in the past, I do not

I did not mean to convey the idea that you did call me that. I apologize.
You have not called me that, but others have called me similar names
before. Of course, they called Jesus far worse during His ministry on
earth, so I have nothing to complain about.

> believe in labeling people. I do however love your definition of the gay
> agenda. According to it, I definitely am for the gay agenda [minus the
> labeling part]. I believe homosexual couples should be able to marry, should
> be able to adopt, and should not only be tolerated and accepted, but should
> be seen as an integral part of a normal society. 

Even though in God's view it is not a normal part of society. Just as
adultery, thievery, and a host of other sinful lifestyles should not be an
integral part of society.

> As far as the homosexual lifestyle outlined in the Bible, I am fine and on my
> way to heaven because the Bible does not ever mention female homosexual sex.
> If you believe that Romans 1: 26 [For this reason God gave them over to
> degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that
> which is unnatural] relates to this, it really does not. It more accurately
> relates to other "unclean" sexual acts such as intercourse during
> menstruation. For that matter, even if it did refer specifically to female
> homogenital acts, then it clearly states that God indeed did originate these
> actions by giving His people up to these desires. Furthermore, I have never
> worshipped an idol [the cause of this giving over], so I wonder why God would
> have given me over to these degrading passions.

Ah, Monique, but it does. If you read the context of the passage it is
clearly condemning female homosexual sex along with male homosexual sex.
Otherwise the passage makes no sense. This is, unfortunately, another
example where when the Bible speaks clearly against a particular
lifestyle, those who seek to justify themselves in living it in defiance to God's
Word twist and obfuscate what Scripture says.

You may be sincere in your feelings/belief that you are going to heaven 
anyway, but you are sadly mistaken. Is this my opinion? No, it is God's. 1
Cor 6:9-10 and Rom 1:18-27 plainly state that people who engage in such a
lifestyle do not go to heaven.

> As for the scientific evidence, it is in my AP biology book that I kept
> simply because it was such a wonderful textbook. I have never heard the
> statement about ear size and as you describe it, yes it does sound absurd. My
> only thought is that maybe it has been misquoted and refers to "gayness" being
> on the same chromosome as "ear size." However, I am unfamiliar with this and
> do not ever like to make assertions which can not be backed up. As a result,
> I will not make an opinion on the topic as I do not have the facts.

The theory about the ear was on CNN or one of the other major news
networks the middle of last year. I used that example because it seems
typical of those who go to just about any length to excuse their sinful

> The analogy of the thief is a very good one except that it has one major
> flaw: my homosexuality does not harm another individual. I am not taking
> another's goods, money, or sense of security. What I do behind closed doors
> affects no one but my partner and myself. Similarly, the analogy of an
> adulterous relationship does not apply because the sin is the betrayal of an
> individual to whom one has promised his or her life. Again, this involves the
> causing of pain or harm to another individual, something which my love does
> not do. In fact, it brings happiness to myself, my partner, and to all those
> who know and care for us. 

But homosexuality does do harm. Immense harm. It contributes to the
breakdown of the traditional family. And the traditional family is the
backbone of society. Once that is diminished, the nation spirals downward.
And we end up with the moral decay we see in society today. Is
homosexuality the only cause of this? Of course not. But it is a

> I would love to judge you and tell you just how homophobic you sound.

Yes, I am sure you would. (8-) In fact those who call this lifestyle a
sinful one are often called homophobic. It is usually an effort to
marginalize and silence those who don't go along with the gay agenda. I
guess if kleptomaniacs had as strong a lobby group as homosexuals do,
those who spoke out against stealing would be called kleptophobic. 

> Unfortunately, I believe that it is up to my Lord to judge. Maybe you are also

Yes, it is up to the Lord to judge. And He has judged in His Word that the
gay lifestyle is sin and that such a lifestyle will keep a person out
of the kingdom of God.

> familiar with the phrase "turn the other cheek" or " pray for those who
> persecute you." Lucky for my salvation, I am. Even if I wanted to, I could not
> judge you. I can see where you are coming from. It is hard to change a
> lifetime of beliefs even when confronted with overwhelming evidence contrary
> to one's beliefs. I do, in fact, have my own prejudice. I have trouble
> accepting people who are ignorant and choose to remain ignorant. I have
> trouble accepting self-righteous people who cling to discriminatory phrases in
> an effort to prove themselves superior individuals.

I am not proving myself superior to anyone. I am presenting what the Bible
teaches on the lifestyle you seek to excuse. That does not sit well with
some people because the Word of God has a way of convicting people of sin.
People then have a choice to repent and accept the grace of God, or
persist in "suppressing the truth in unrighteousness" and rejecting God.

> Good luck trying to bring the Bible to people who have read theirs so much
> that the corners turn up and the ink is blurred from tears and sweaty palms.
> Meanwhile, I will go on living my life. I will continue to love and serve my
> Lord and Creator. I will continue to love and care for my girlfriend that I
> thank God for every day. I will continue to pray for my persecutors and to
> love those who hate me.  I will continue to pray for God's light of love to
> burn in the hearts' of every individual in this world. 

I pray that you will see the truth of God's word and realize that His
grace has the power to heal. I certainly don't hate you. I only seek to
present the truth to you in love. Serving the Lord involves obeying His
word, not claiming allegiance to Him and then living a lifestyle that He
calls sinful. Do not be deceived. We all must stand before God someday.
And we will answer for every thought, for every word, and for every deed.
What will you tell Him when He calls on you to account for why you
persisted in living a lifestyle He condemned in His Word?

Right now there is hope for repentance and healing through Jesus Christ.
But on the other side of your last breath, without Christ, you will face
the judgment of God. That is not my opinion, but what God's Word teaches,
whether you want to believe it or not.


The conversation concluded after this post. As with many who live a homosexual lifestyle yet profess to be Christians, when they are confronted with Biblical passages that call their lifestyle a sinful one that will keep them out of the kingdom of God, they vainly try to explain them away to excuse their behavior. Even to the point of denying the authority of Scripture. Those enslaved by a homosexual lifestyle need to know of the healing power of God's grace. They need to know that while God condemns the sinful behavior, He seeks to provide healing to all those who come to Him in repentance. Christians must not condone the sin, but they must show compassion and love to the sinner by telling him/her the truth from God's word and offering the hope of forgiveness and healing that it provides.

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