Is the Lord With You?

Genesis 39:2-3 (NASB)
"The LORD was with Joseph, so he became a successful man. And he was in the house of his master, the Egyptian. Now his master saw that the LORD was with him and how the LORD caused all that he did to prosper in his hand."

When the Lord is with you, you are a prosperous. It doesn't always mean monetarily, but spiritually. When people see you, do they know the Lord is with you by your words and deeds?

Even though Joseph was in prison, he still had God's favor in his life (Genesis 39:20-23). When you are in the prisons of your life, is God still showing you His favor? Are you still serving God when you go through difficulties? Or are you mumbling and complaining?

We must make God the main focus in our lives so that God's presence will always be with us.

Mildred's Gospel Corner